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What is the "Florida Brits Club"?



Our friendly Florida Brits Club is a support group, an information centre and a social contact point for all Brits who have a mutual love of Florida and their lovely homes over there.

Buying a holiday home in a foreign country is, perhaps, the biggest thing which most people will ever do in their lifetime - bigger, even, than buying their own UK home because so many things are done so differently overseas.

Even when that country, as with America, speaks English and the purchase contract is written in understandable language, there are still so many strange and confusing ways that they do things that a new owner of a Florida home can quickly feel somewhat 'alone' with their new-found responsibilities.

Unless, that is, they have joined our Club!


When we bought our own Florida holiday home 12 years ago we were delighted by the idea of our new laid-back lifestyle in the Sunshine State. We quickly realised, however, how much more there was to owning a home in Florida - beyond just buying it!

There was all manner of confusing new things which we didn't understand and the people who had been so eager to 'look after us', once we had bought the house, immediately went on to the next sale and didn't have the time, nor the knowledge even, to answer our questions. So we quickly started to find the answers for ourselves by making contact with other British owners of holiday homes in Florida who were our contemporaries.



Delegates at one of our meetings?


From these small beginnings grew our FLORIDA BRITS CLUB which now boasts a membership of almost 1200 couples - all Brits who own a holiday home in one of the various beautiful regions of Florida. Our four regional 'get-togethers' cover the UK through the Winter and Spring periods with half-day events on Sunday afternoons at hotels conveniently located on major motorways.

Here we have discussions and presentations, with occasional videos and guest speakers, on a wide range of subjects of vital interest to all Florida Brit homeowners. Topics covered may include: management, rentals, taxes, legal aspects, visas, wills, safety and security, rentals, running costs, marketing and many more.


We also allow time for meeting 'n greeting with other owners and we all have a really great time! It's good to have an opportunity to learn new things and make new friends!!

Each September we have our Annual National Convention, now in its 12th year, at a hotel centrally located for the whole country. Last year we had over 300 delegates attend for a weekend of leisure and business with visiting guest speakers including SeaWorld/Busch Gardens and Kennedy Space Center. It was a great success!

Special products and discounts on flights, car rentals and services are available to Florida Brits Club members that enhance the use of their homes for holiday rentals and assist the members in understanding many issues. Each gathering also has an information pack, and reports for those unable to attend, which is packed full of useful hints and tips.


If you already own a Florida holiday home, why not register for membership of our Club and enjoy the privileges available? It costs only £20.00 (per couple) so it's no big deal! Call 01904 760467 for a registration form or download one from this web site.

However, if you are a relatively new owner of your 'Florida Dream' you should also get a copy of our "Florida Home Buyers Information Pack **" which is full of valuable information gained over the last 12 years from our own experiences in Florida. It covers why we bought our Florida home, running costs, management and rentals advice, wills, taxes, car rentals, wintering in Florida, living and working there, and, most important, who to be beware of when buying a home in the USA etc.



The pack is a mine of information and will easily save you the minimal cost of just £16.50 (incl. P&P) in helping you to avoid making some of our expensive mistakes.

Peter & Jean Stanhope
Florida Brits Club, York. U.K.

For a copy of the "Florida Home Buyers Information Pack" send a cheque for £16.50 incl. P&P (made payable to "P. & J. Stanhope") to the address below. Please ensure you enclose YOUR name, address and telephone number.

Florida Brits Group
3 Cyprus Grove
Haxby, York
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Phone: 01904 760467

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